The space of a silence

Daniel Odier

In a time of crisis, anxiety comes up and anything will do to get away from it. This appears mainly as a madness for quoting masters of all traditions, who flourish and bloom, like Spring, all around us, but this bombardment of sublime sentences blinds us. Nostalgia for the past when we held each other in our arms, projection into a future when we'll be able to do it once again, desire to mingle anxieties on social networks, escaping at all costs from solitude in the expectation of a profound revolution in the way we are in the world. This agitation does not allow us to dive to the heart of the gift we are offered, which is silence and solitude.
Rare are those who offer themselves the space of silence which is opened by solitude. Interior silence is a spiritual concept. Rare are those who know it, but consider this: all the magnificent quotations that you post, as inspiring as they may be, emerge from silence and invite you to silence. Within yourselves, become sensitive to a return to the source of heart/awareness by understanding that silence emerges from the breath, that it shows itself in an absence of internal discourse, not by the cessation of brain activity, and that this silence takes the form of a simple and communicative joy, the organic joy of Spanda.

Breath, presence, interior silence, joy. The sequence is simple. Since silence is a concept and we experience it infrequently, what to do so as to experience it outside of meditation?

Music, the arts, the fascination of the real induce interior silence.

Micro-practices bring us straight into silence.

Spiritual overfeeding, on the other hand, only creates greater confusion, greater mental wandering.

A single instant of unity with reality is richer than the accumulation of all knowledge.

The heart is not found outside of us.

Return to the source.

The heart is not found inside of us.

The source is totality!

Translation by Tony Earp