COSMIC DANCE - Live Performance and EXPOSITION

8 February 2024 (6pm - 8pm) || Galleria Joan Gaspar, Barcelona.

I have always been fascinated by action painting and when I watched documentary films about Jackson Pollock or other painters from the sixties, I was interested in their bodily expression, the way they crossed the space of the huge canvases. I saw them dancing naturally as I saw the colors bursting out. A few years later, I discovered the ritual dance of Shiva/Shakti and a visualization practice where the colors of the rainbow arise spontaneously from the dancer's fingers. The connection was made, all that remained was to grab the brushes and project the cosmos onto the canvases in an explosion of bright colors. 

Daniel Odier was born in Geneva in 1945. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome at the same time as he began to write. Little by little, writing took precedence over painting. After around thirty published books, Daniel took advantage of confinement and a trip to Mexico to resume painting in a constant flow. He has exhibited in three galleries in Mexico City, inspired by the wall that separates the United States from Mexico and by the colors of Coyoacán.