Transmission from Sahajanandabhairava to Lalita


No hope, no needs, no lacks,

No projection, no expectation, no personal history. 

Neither stillness nor movement. 

Neither here nor there, the worlds are not divided. 

Relax sensation, thinking and feeling, 

Let them flow spontaneously, 

They free themselves like a cloud dissolves in space. 

Taste the limitless, for nothing is separate from your original essence. 

Spatial awareness, brightly kindled Heart, 

Unspeakable joy in the womb of the real. 

All is freed in the moment, 

Nothing to do or avoid, 

Both movement and stillness are luminous consciousness. 

Free from seeking and practice, 

The essence of the Heart floods your entire being. 

Your cosmic body manifests in totality, 

The cosmos trembles in your own abode! 

Your voice resonates in the marrow of every atom, 

Your gestures flow harmoniously, 

It is spatial nakedness! 

The Realm of the Heart! Mahamudra! 

The essence of the most secret teachings! 

May the vast gateway of the sky open to infinity, 

May your joy burst forth in an unobstructed flow, 

May the infinite light of your body nourish beings 

In a surge of endless love! 

The honey of this realization flows in each speck of light, 

Neither matter nor beings are devoid of it, 

The sun and the moon, the rock and the trees, the sky and the earth, 

The body and the spirit, all proclaim this endlessly vibrating Heart!