JUNE 2023

PODCAST #3: "Kaula. The Royal Path of the Shakti.

June 2023 - Interview with Daniel Odier by Alex Venuto on BM Radio.

Last of three episodes dedicated to the trilogy: "Tantric quest: an encounter with absolute love", "The crazy wisdom of the Yogini" and "Kaula, the royal path of the Shakti".

Daniel explores some of the themes present in the book - "Kaula. The Royal Path of Shakti": from Matsyendranath and the importance of transmitting the visualizations that the mahasiddha reports in his Tantra as a prerequisite for accessing the mystical current that characterizes them, to the Yogini particular approach based on passion, where any conditions of life are excluded.

Enjoy your listening!

Alhambra ep. -92- La via regale della Shakti