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15 - 21 January 2024

Touch Yoga Seminar (residential) - Gut Helmeringen (Ulm)

This residential seminar will be devoted to the YOGA OF TOUCH.

Daniel Odier teaches the Kaula tradition of Kashmiri Shavite Tantrism as transmitted by his master, the Yogini Lalita Devi.  This line goes back to the Mahasiddhas and in particular to Matsyendranath, author of the Kaulajnananirnaya tantra.  This very old tradition, linked to Indus Valley Shaivism, teaches a form of yoga that has almost disappeared today.

The Yoga of Touch will allow us to explore all the dimensions of the body from its surface to its subtle vibratory depths. This approach is based on a total presence to the other, the breath, and the absence of intention and fear. The knowledge of the “marma” or energy points, will allow the energy circulate in all the organs, muscles and in the bone structure. Gradually the organs will integrate a notion of space and the body will be able to expand and fluctuate as we become aware of our emotions. At times the body will no longer be limited by fear in its expansion, and we will enter the state of samadhi which encompasses all the real.

The Yoga of Touch is one of the four pillars of our practice, along with Tandava, the yoga of emotions and visualizations.  It cannot be isolated or practiced without the other three. Closely linked to Tandava, this yoga allows you to explore all the dimensions of the body.

These seminars are accessible only after having attend 2 residential seminars in the last 2 years, and additionally requires Daniel's authorization. This authorization can only be requested in person during a weekend or residential internship. Daniel does not answer by e-mail.

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Language spoken: English translated into German

Rate: 510CHF (490euro)