Daniel Odier


For some time now, many teachers who claim to be part of my teachings have started to transmit the yoga of touch, Tandava, the yoga of emotions, the visualizations of Matsyendranath and the Spanda way without having mastered or deepened them. This is the contemporary trend in the spiritual business. Most are not my students or have only attended a weekend or two. They are impostors who contaminate the way. And then there are fortunately those who respect the tradition and who have been practicing for many years. These do not claim to teach. They know that it is necessary to master all the elements of the way, the philosophy, the practices. Tandava cannot be improvised any more than Tai chi. Ten good years of practice when you are gifted. Then the knowledge is sealed by a mystical experience. It is only then that permission to teach can be given. My real students know this.



They wouldn't even think of asking. To them only, I gave permission to practice Tandava as part of the sangha without posing as a teacher. They practice together for the beauty of the mystical dance. Never forget the word "mystical", it is not a hippie dance as I could read on a website but the fundamental physical practice of our yoga whose tradition goes back a few millennia. The practice sets in when the practitioner stops "doing" and offers the body to the dance. Blessed is who is danced! I give tribute to those who respect the way. I practiced the teachings of Lalita Devi for 25 years before passing it on, so courage and patience my friends!




New book of Daniel Odier : "Tantric Kali : Secret Practices and Ritual " Paperback Publishing October 17, 2016.




New book of Daniel Odier : "The Doors of Joy, 19 meditations for authentic living", Watkins Publishing 2014.